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A Visceral Response

October 26, 2022
Inspiration for a contemporary patio remodel in Phoenix

Have you ever walked into a space and had a visceral response to it? That physical or emotional feeling can help make your experience. It can be a determining factor on how often you return and may even dictate how you talk about your time at that establishment.

Designers specialize in curating an aura and a vibe; in creating spaces that set the tone and elevate your experience.

Because we believe your environment creates the backdrop

for meaningful moments and memories.

No two people, and no two environments, will ever be the same. Our designs are never replicated, yet there are underlying principals and guidelines we apply to every space we work on:

- We incorporate color theory because we all have subconscious responses to color … and it’s fascinating.

- We mix woods, metals, and textural elements to create visual interest and alleviate that “flat” feeling” we often hear our clients lamenting in their current spaces.

- We don’t compromise on the finishing touches, because we understand that light fixtures, wall treatments, and accessories make all the difference.

- We design beautiful fusions of flow, function, and aesthetic; spaces that draw you in and “make you feel good”.

Because we believe personalized design is the

foundation for a life well-lived.

And we can’t wait to take this journey with you.

In Gratitude and Good Vibes,

Michelle and the Creative Edge team

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