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An Outdoor Oasis

April 19, 2023
An Outdoor Oasis

I love the discovery process. It’s a time filled with ideas, collaboration, and exploration. It’s where discussions are held, and dreams are shared.

And dreams of an outdoor oasis are a commonality among our clients.

They describe the vibe as warm and welcoming with a soft contemporary flavor.  

They ask for beautiful but low maintenance pieces that can withstand pets, parties, and people.

They crave spaces they can feel proud of.

It’s music to our ears because we love being outdoors … and we’re passionate about bringing dreams to life. 

Providing spaces that draw you in and make you wanna hang a while.

Designing intimate and relaxing environments that set the stage for everything from casual shindigs to super bowl parties, hanging out to holiday soirees.

Creating a sanctuary and a destination in one.   

Because we believe your environment creates the backdrop

for meaningful moments and memories.

So what do the words outdoor oasis conjure up for you?

You bring the dream … we’ll make it your reality.

Because we believe personalized design is the

foundation for a life well-lived. 

And we can’t wait to take this journey with you.

In Gratitude and Good Vibes,

Michelle and the Creative Edge team

"Your home will be a place you cherish forever, and

Michelle will make sure of that!"