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It's Our Why

September 28, 2022
Eclectic entryway photo in Denver

There’s nothing more rewarding than following your passions and doing what you love, for the people you love.

Serving others by helping them accomplish their goals and dreams is one of the main driving forces in my life – and at my firm. It lights a fire within our team.

It’s our WHY.

As we move through our design development phase, we’ll explore your wish lists, learn what you’ve been envisioning, and discuss what comfort and casual sophistication means to you. 

And then – just as importantly – we’ll deep dive into the functional aspects of daily living … and begin to imagine how we can elevate that experience.

Because we believe your environment creates the backdrop

for meaningful moments and memories.

Throughout our process, we’ll study your imagery and listen to how you describe your concepts.

We’ll ask questions and pay close attention to your answers … while also tuning into the nuances of your facial expressions and body language as you take us on your journey of what could be.

We’ll talk through daily habits, entertaining preferences, and special occasion needs. We’ll even address any personality quirks we need to design around, because the functional aspect of design is a vital component of a successful outcome.

The personalized designs we provide will be a beautiful fusion of your hopes and our creative magic. They’ll incorporate multi-functional pieces that can withstand this crazy thing called life, coupled with unique and interesting elements that infuse the essence of you.

Because we believe personalized design is the

foundation for a life well-lived.

And we can’t wait to take this journey with you.

In Gratitude and Good Vibes,

Michelle and the Creative Edge team

Entryway - eclectic entryway idea in Denver

Psst: Did you spot the cross-over (multi-functional) pieces in stunning this foyer?

The hair on hyde ottoman provides texture and visual interest, acts as an acoustical element, and offers a quick and comfy perch, should the need for additional seating arise.

We also incorporated wall art that sends a fun and positive message while doubling as hat, coat, and purse hooks. These babies are the epitome of “many hands make light work” … and when they aren’t “on duty”, they’re sure to bring a smile … and kick-start a conversation!